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Neck liposuction in North Shore, MA, is a cosmetic procedure used to contour the neck and eliminate a double chin. Excess neck fat can cause a person to look out of shape or older than they really are. It is also very stubborn, and weight-loss options like diet and exercise cannot guarantee the loss of fat in specific parts like the neck.

Neck lipo offers effective contouring, ensuring that fat cells are removed permanently from the region. It also allows the surgeon to make sure that the look of the neck complements the appearance of the face.

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Who Is Neck Liposuction For?

The neck lipo procedure is a specialized form of liposuction meant for people with a double chin or excess fat in the neck. It is best for patients who have realistic expectations and are non-smokers, since smoking prolongs the healing process.

Neck lipo is suitable for patients with adequate skin tone and muscle tone; patients who lack these will need a neck lift to tighten loose skin and muscle tissue. This is why the procedure is generally undergone by patients ages 20 to 50 with elastic skin. After age 50, the skin has typically lost a great deal of elasticity. Neck liposuction will not yield satisfactory results in such a case.

In many cases, patients are interested in a combination procedure. This involves carrying out more than one procedure during a single surgical session. Neck liposuction may be done with facial procedures like rhinoplasty or a facelift.

Preparing for Neck Liposuction

Prior to the neck lipo procedure, a consultation with Dr. Hadaegh is needed to evaluate the patient’s skin condition and general health. During this consultation, the patient will tell Dr. Hadaegh about their aesthetic goals for the surgery and can ask any questions they may have.

Smokers must stop smoking a few months before the procedure and must avoid smoking during the healing process. Blood thinners should also be stopped before the procedure, since these can cause complications.

The Neck Liposuction Procedure

This is an outpatient procedure and begins with administration of local anesthesia. When required, IV sedation is used. Dr. Hadaegh then makes small incisions under the chin and/or below the ears.

A cannula (a thin tube with a sharp end) is inserted into an incision. The fat cells are loosened using the sharp end of the cannula, and medical suction is used to remove them through the cannula. The incisions are then closed and dressed appropriately.

The Healing Process

The patient can return home once the neck liposuction procedure is complete. A strap needs to be worn around the chin for at least a few days to ensure that the contouring offers optimal results.

After the procedure, bruising, swelling, or discomfort can occur. Medication is given to address any discomfort, and cold compresses can be applied to treat bruising and swelling.

The patient can resume all normal activities within a week’s time. Follow-up visits will be needed to monitor smooth recovery.

The results of this procedure are permanent as long as the patient stays at or near their current weight. Weight gain or loss may negatively affect the results.

Neck Liposuction Cost

The cost of neck liposuction is impacted by a number of factors. The price of this surgery varies depending on the amount of fat removed from the area, the time needed to perform the procedure, and several other factors.

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