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When considering cosmetic plastic surgery one question that often arises is how to best pay for the surgery. Although our office does accept most major medical insurances we have found that most insurance companies classify cosmetic plastic surgery as ‘elective’ and will not cover the procedures. However, there are few procedures that if certain criteria are met may be covered by medical insurance. During your consultation Dr. Hadaegh will be able to discuss with you which procedures may or may not be covered by insurance. His staff are also happy to help you speak with your insurance company regarding coverage.

For those procedures deemed as elective we can offer a wide range of options to best help you achieve your cosmetic goals.At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery North Shore, we look at each patient as an individual thus each procedure is priced differently based on what the individual patient desires to achieve.

We want to help you to be able to receive your desired treatment at your convenience, we have developed many financing options to make booking your procedure easy.

If you are interested in financing your procedure, we offer different financing options. You can even apply online with:

For your convenience, we include the below link to Paypal for payments toward the procedure cost or skin care products

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