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Body plastic surgery procedures are cosmetic procedures designed to enhance the aesthetics of the body. They effectively address a range of issues, allowing the patient to achieve their ideal body image.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery North Shore offers a wide range of options for body plastic surgery to North Shore, MA. We offer a range of procedures such as liposuction and tummy tuck surgery to enhance or restore your natural beauty.

Body Plastic Surgery Procedures for Our Clients

All of our body procedures are safe and effective ways to target specific body areas according to the needs of our clients. We make sure only to offer the best and most advanced body plastic surgery procedures our clients deserve.

Buttock Lift & Augmentation

Buttocks augmentation is designed to enhance the volume, shape, and contours of the buttocks. It is ideal for patients who have lost volume or have excess skin on their buttocks. Buttock augmentation is combined with the lift procedure to achieve the best results. This procedure is also recommended for patients who want to enhance their buttocks after pregnancy or weight loss.

Fat Graft

Fat grafting is a body plastic surgery procedure that first removes unwanted fat cells from certain areas through liposuction. The fat will be processed and purified and then injected into specific areas to achieve butt augmentation, breast augmentation, hand rejuvenation, facial revitalization, or breast reconstruction.

Fat grafting provides several benefits to the patient. It removes stubborn fat tissues from certain areas for effective contouring. It also provides an opportunity for patients to have body procedures without having implants or other foreign substances inserted into their bodies.


Most people have stored excess fat in certain areas of their bodies. This may be due to their lifestyle, genetics, pregnancy, or side effects of their medications. These fat cells are very challenging to get rid of with only diet and exercise. Liposuction is a body procedure that allows patients to get rid of their unwanted body fat and enhance their contours.

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can cause dramatic changes in a woman’s body. It is very difficult for women to restore their original appearance after these changes. The mommy makeover is a body plastic surgery procedure specifically designed to help women restore their pre-pregnancy bodies through a set of procedures and treatments.

Thigh & Arm Lift

Significant weight loss can lead to excess skin, which often looks loose and saggy. This is common in both the thighs and arms. Thigh & arm lift procedures address this issue while also removing small pockets of stubborn fat left over after weight loss. In some cases, this procedure is combined with liposuction and abdominoplasty for comprehensive results.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a body procedure that deals with excess skin, excess fat, and sagging muscle tissue in the abdominal area. In some cases, it can also remove certain stretch marks.

Mini Tummy Tuck

For patients with less excess fat and skin in the abdominal area (usually in the lower abdomen), a mini tummy tuck is often recommended instead of a full tummy tuck procedure. It is less invasive and has a quicker recovery time.

What Is The Recovery Time for Body Plastic Surgery?

Recovery times vary depending on the specific procedure. Liposuction may require a few days of downtime, while a tummy tuck patient would need a few weeks to recover. Our experienced surgeons will provide personalized recovery guidelines to ensure a smooth healing process tailored to your unique needs.

How Do I Prepare for a Body Plastic Surgery Procedure?

Preparing for body plastic surgery involves a few consultations with our surgeons. They will provide you with pre-surgery instructions, including lifestyle adjustments and medication management, to make sure you’re ready for your procedure.

How Long Do the Results of Body Plastic Surgery Last?

It depends, as the intended results are influenced by various factors, including post-surgery care and lifestyle choices. Our surgeons will guide you on maintaining the effects for as long as you can.

Can Body Plastic Surgery Help With Weight Loss?

While not a weight loss solution, body plastic surgery can sculpt and contour areas resistant to diet and exercise, providing a refined appearance that complements a healthy lifestyle.

How to Choose the Right Surgeon for My Body Plastic Surgery?

It’s important to choose the right surgeon for your procedure. Our medical team at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery North Shore boasts a reputation for excellence, coupled with years of experience and a portfolio of happy patients. Get to know our surgeons by scheduling a consultation with any of them to discuss your goals.

How Much Pain Can I Expect After Body Plastic Surgery?

Pain levels during your recovery period will depend on a variety of factors. Our surgeons employ advanced techniques and prescribe appropriate pain management strategies to minimize discomfort during the recovery process.

How Much Does Body Plastic Surgery Cost?

The cost of body plastic surgery will be based on the specific body procedure that has been chosen. The size of the treatment area and the details of the surgical plan will have an impact on the overall price of the body procedure.

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