Products or treatments, which is more important is a common question. Let’s talk about the product side first. What you use day in and day out on your face matters. The quality and balance of ingredients, consistency of routine, and how you generally care for and protect your skin can make a tremendous difference in how your skin looks and feels. Unfortunately products alone, especially for most of us over age 35, are simply not enough if you want to see the maximum positive changes or maintenance in your skin. Our skin needs to be challenged. Skin becomes complacent increasingly as we age. Cell turnover slows, damage from decades before appears, the glow disappears, and “skin laziness” sets in. The right balance of retinols, alpha hydroxy acids, and other key ingredients can help improve these “skin laziness” issues, but treatments take your results to a whole different level. Treatments provide more at one time than your products do. Greater depth of exfoliation, deeper cleansing, more significant unclogging, collagen stimulation, and the list goes on, all increase your results.

Ok, so if you get more results with treatments then can’t you just stick to regular treatments and skip the home care products? Absolutely……….. if you have low standards for yourself. Both products and treatments are important, and I would argue actually codependent. Without treatments you will never see maximum results and without the quality home care you will never achieve daily healthy balanced skin and you will fail to maintain the additional results from treatments. Moral of the story, you need them both. Now I get it, between your hair color, nail appointments, etc., you need to be mindful of the money you’re spending on “extras”. Well guess what? You can get rid of the grey hairs, but if your face looks dull and tired you aren’t fooling anyone (you know I like to keep it real with you)! Let us not forget that our face is the first thing that people see. Our face is how people remember us. What image do you want people to have in their mind when they think of you? Of course, we also know that our skin is the largest organ in our body and therefore deserves a little TLC so it functions properly. With that said, everyone has budgetary and time constraints so where do you start? With a plan. Maybe you have never had a good home routine…… start there. Maybe you have a particular skin concern that you are dying to address…. start with a treatment.

However you go about it, just know that ultimately you will need a combination of both to look your best. I believe that a strategy is best set in your Aesthetician’s office. Together we can address your concerns, answer questions, and make a game plan that works best for you, your lifestyle, and your wallet. Skin is a work in progress. It is always changing and we are essentially on the ride with it. The right plan will set you up for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin for years to come!

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