Ok friends, we need to talk. I’m concerned about you. Over and over I hear you say that you have no time for you. I also hear you saying that you feel and look tired and that your “age is catching up with you”. We need to stop the hamster wheel! The road to feeling and looking better is actually quite an easy one when you make yourself a priority. Now I get it, between kids, pets, work, and all of the other commitments we involve ourselves in, it seems easier said than done. I too have things to work on to be at my best (see, you’re not alone!). For me, sleep seems to elude me. I get wrapped up in accomplishing things and the next thing I know I’m folding laundry at 2am and setting my alarm for 6am. Not the best plan, I admit. I’m trying to get to bed earlier and to get more rest each night, and to continue to make time for myself each day. Now what about you? Maybe you should be getting to bed earlier, eating better, or staying more active. All of those things have a direct impact on how you feel and how you look, but there are other ways we can take time each day to feel and look better.

I know I’ve heard you say it a thousand times, “I’m not a makeup girl”. Well guess what…… you don’t have to be to wear a little. Now I realize this may sound harsh, but hear me out. Makeup is intended to do one simple thing; make you look better. If you’re not wearing even a little, you’re missing a golden opportunity to look and, as a result, feel better. Makeup done wrong can be a train wreck, but a little makeup, applied well, can be the difference between looking tired and aging vs vibrant and glowing. Nothing heavy, nothing “dark”, and if needed, nothing that takes more than about 5 minutes to apply. I know, you “have no time”, but can you honestly look your tired self in the mirror and say that you can’t carve out five minutes for you?

My sister-in-law absolutely likes to look good, but she’s not one to waste one second of her morning on a makeup routine. Many years ago when she first asked me for some color and product advice, she told me that anything I suggested needed to be able to be applied at the red lights on the way to work. Genius! Not the applying your makeup on the way to work part necessarily, but the idea that you could have a routine that made you look great and only took about 5 minutes. A streamlined and simplified game plan. Love it! Now, if you have more time and want more…. go for it! Just know that time should not be your obstacle.

So what’s the additional hold back for most people? If we eliminate the time issue I believe it boils down to one thing. You aren’t sure what to use or how to use it! If you have never been a makeup wearer why would you know? You wouldn’t! Please, please recognize that although the cosmetic industry has exploded, and products are easily accessible, I completely understand that walking into a Sephora could be a totally intimidating and overwhelming experience. Maybe you’re embarrassed to ask your questions, maybe you don’t even know what questions to ask! Deep breath time……. you can do this. You’re not alone, I promise. There are more of you out there than you think. Plus…. you have me! I actually offer private (that’s right, no onlookers) makeup instruction. Ask your questions, learn tips and techniques, and leave ready to face the world with a little color in your cheek, flawless looking skin, and eyes that pop! Already wear makeup but want to update your look or routine? We can do that too!

More sleep? Yes. Exercise? Yes. Healthy food? Yes. And the icing on the cake….. a little makeup……. yes.

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