After recently adding LED to our treatment menu, I’ve had lots of questions about what it is and what it does. The end note is that it’s so good I’m fairly obsessed! Ok, now for the actual info. What is LED therapy? LED stands for light emitting diode (because you were dying to know, right?). Essentially, we’re using light to trigger different responses in the skin. Depending upon the wavelength of light, we get different results.

Red light is known to reduce inflammation and promote circulation. Amber light stimulates collagen and elastin production. Infrared light speeds healing, reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and encourages product penetration. Blue light can kill the bacteria found in acne. Now, not all light is created equally. High quality LED with just the right combination of wavelengths is what you need to get results. When we have that perfect balance, we have an amazing tool!

We’ve been using the antiaging LED by LightStim and loving it! LED is a perfect add-on to almost any treatment but it can also be done all be itself. Adding LED boosts results immediately, and in the long run. With the antiaging LED treatment you get improved circulation, a boost to collagen and elastin production, a softening of fine lines, a reduction of inflammation, faster healing times, and a radiant glow to the skin. Sounds good, right?!? It is! The best part…’s easy. No pain, no downtime, and no downside. Just a nice warm feeling on the skin and results you will love!

Curious? Book a treatment! In July you can get FREE LED at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery North Shore with any other aesthetic treatment… that’s what I call opportunity!

Want more info? Get in touch and I’ll answer all of your questions!