When it comes to makeup, skin care and skin treatments…… is it possible to do too much? To go too far? ABSOLUTELY! Friends, we need to have a chat. You know the saying, “sometimes less is more”? Well that applies to your face too. Allow me to explain.

Let’s start with makeup. I’m a fan. A huge fan. I think makeup is unique in that it allows us to enhance our natural beauty and flash a little self-expression at the same time. We all like a slightly different look when it comes to makeup, and that, to some degree, has to do with our unique anatomy. Large eyes, hooded eye lids, thin lips, full cheeks…….all of these factors and more impact what we want out of our makeup. The problem, as I see it, is when we think that going “all in” with makeup will make us look even better. Or when we assume that all looks are for all people at all times. I know, you want examples. Here ya go.

A smokey eye with a bright lip and shimmer every which way but loose……..no. It’s distracting and doesn’t make you look any younger, I promise. Want another example? Contouring and highlighting. We must address contouring and highlighting. We were not meant to look like chiseled plastic. Fact. We also really don’t look amazing when, in a picture, you can clearly see white patches and dark swatches on our face. I’ve seen it happen friends, it’s not good. Sure you can still employ contouring and highlighting techniques, but please, I’m begging, go easy. I swear it’s prettier in real life.

Speaking of real life, let’s talk about skin care treatments. I give them for a living so I obviously believe in what I do. That said, every once in a while we need a reality shot. Here it is. Your skin didn’t age overnight, right? Ok, so if it didn’t age overnight, why would it seem to make sense that if we do 4 different types of treatments in a week that you will look instantly ten years younger? Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It’s a living breathing thing. Being extra aggressive in an effort to speed up a result is generally not in the best interest of your skin’s long term health. I always want to get amazing results for my patients. That’s the goal…..beautiful, healthy, more youthful skin. Sacrificing the long term goal for the short term, however, is never the right road.

Anyone who knows me knows that I feel strongly that a great at home skin care routine is the cornerstone to amazing skin. Home care is what supports the results you get from treatments, and it’s what often readies your skin for treatments or helps it heal from them. So if using a scrub twice a week is good, isn’t daily better? If the recommended strength of a product is good…..isn’t double that better? No and no. Our skin doesn’t get happier when we overstimulate it. The opposite actually happens. And ingredient strength? Products and product strength are carefully suggested for you based on your skin’s needs. Your skin will stay in better balance and looking healthier when it gradually acclimates to new ingredients, and when strength of ingredients, when appropriate, climbs slowly.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I see you trying. I see that you want great looking skin. I know that you are willing to stay committed to your skin and that you want to look your best. I’m with you on all of that. Sometimes, though, when we step back and get a little real, we can get a better result than we imagined possible. I want that for you.