Breast Reconstruction

When facing breast cancer it is important for women to know they have options. Breast cancer affects each woman differently, thus each and every reconstructive option is individualized. This gives you and Dr. Hadaegh the ability to tailor your treatment plan to achieve your desired result allowing you to feel like yourself again.

There are multiple methods of breast reconstruction on North Shore from expanders and implants, to using your own tissue. Options are individualized for each patient on the basis of their expectations, recovery time, and physical condition. Dr.Hadaegh and the office will work with your breast surgeon to make the process of reconstruction as simple as possible.

Having had close family members diagnosed with breast cancer, Dr. Hadaegh understands both the emotional and physical balance that every patient needs after a partial or complete mastectomy. Dr. Hadaegh is attentive and compassionate; he listens to you and discusses all the options in order to offer you a customized surgical approach.

Dear Dr. Hadaegh, there are no words to describe my appreciation in the wonderful outcome of my reconstruction. You have given me back a most important part of my womanhood. Your hands are those of an artist. I can’t begin to tell you the number of challenges I have faced in the past 12 months. You have given me my confidence back along with a smile. Thank you again!