Dear, Dr. Hadaegh I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for all you have done for me throughout the roughest 3 years of my life. I not only had to deal with my illness but with my daughter’s illness. When I first came to you she was critically ill with Anorexia she was 5’8” and 75 pounds. You always remembered to ask how she was. She is now back to 130 pounds and remaining stable. We have been blessed. I know plastic surgery is your job, but as a nurse I have never met a more compassionate and empathetic doctor in my career. I always felt comfortable you never made me feel ashamed of what I looked like. I always had a name I was never just a number. People can never understand how traumatic it is to lose any part of your body. But I believe you do understand. You have a great gift that is your humanity. You treated me with dignity and concern. You made me feel like a human being with feelings and needs. You always asked how I felt about the way things looked and felt. I wanted you to know you have made my journey through breast cancer bearable. Because of you I have come out of this with the gift of a tummy tuck and new breasts. You always gave me a positive outlook and that is what I walk away with. My sincerest thanks. Anytime I can be of assistance with a recommendation give a call and I will gladly oblige.