When it comes to makeup most of us fall into the same habit…….we use the same colors over and over. I get it, I do it too sometimes. Routine isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to makeup! Every once in a while, though, doesn’t it feel SO good to freshen things up? Especially during a New England winter with the short days and cold weather…… we need a boost!

I’m not gonna lie, I just LOVE productive and successful makeup shopping. And really, when I think about it, it’s not so much the actual shopping as it is the finding. It’s that feeling of looking good in something fresh, knowing that you have a new tool in your arsenal, the perfectly new and flawless packaging…..I adore it all.

I recently hit the store in search of a winter boost. I’ll confess that I own what some would consider an obscene amount of lipstick and lip gloss. Sometimes I like a light nude look, and sometimes I rock a bright bold lip. It depends on my mood really. The nude lip, though, is a staple. It’s also a look that so many women have trouble getting right. Too pink, too beige, too peach, too chalky……..the struggle is real my friends! We all miss the mark sometimes. When get it right though, it’s SO right. That feeling of, “Where has this color been all my life?!?” is what we’re all searching for. I was lucky enough to have that magical moment on my winter boost shopping trip.

There are countless brands to choose from and there’s no right or wrong, just personal preferences. I’ve heard lipstick and lip gloss commentary a million times….too creamy, too dry, too sticky, not tacky enough, not long lasting…… and on and on. I like color that lasts well and gives a hydrated feeling on my lips when I’m wearing it. One of my go to lip gloss brands is Buxom. The Buxom gloss is supposed to plump your lips up, and in reality, I don’t actually think it does. Not even a little. However, it does have a fresh tingling feeling; almost minty, and that’s a feeling I love. My number one Buxom color is White Russian. It’s a sheer pale pink with a touch of creaminess to the color…..like the milk in a White Russian! This color works over literally any lipstick!

So what’s my newest addition? The lip love that I found on my winter boost shopping trip? Bow and Arrow. What is it? It’s a Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Color. Kat Von D lip colors stay beautifully (they’re super pigmented and long wearing) and I LOVE the wand application. This formula dries to a matte finish so you can go matte or add a gloss on top. The range of colors is crazy. There are 43. They have everything from bright orange to beautiful soft shades, and everything in between. Backstage Bambi, a bright pink, has long been a fave of mine, and my newest love is Bow and Arrow. Bow and Arrow is a perfect beige nude, but not too beige, with just enough peach to balance the beige. With White Russian as a topper and it’s pure magic. Nude lip heaven. The perfect mid-winter boost! Mission accomplished!

Winter in New England is long (or at least it always feels that way!). Freshen up your look in the absolute easiest way possible…..a winter boost color change! Maybe for you it’s a new eyeshadow? Maybe a new lipstick? It makes no difference as long as it makes you happy. Be happy!

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