Ahhh, the sun is shining and the air is FINALLY warm and dry (at least for the moment). Days like this make me feel energized. I want to get outside for a walk, eat a crisp salad, and take good care of myself. Over the course of the winter, and New England’s poor excuse for spring, I find I start to feel tired. Shorter days and less time spent enjoying the outdoors puts me in a bit of a rut. But I can feel a change in the air. The days are getting longer, my dog is getting walked more often, and I’m ready to bust out and plant a mountain of flowers in my yard.

For most of us, our skin also feels a little tired by the real end of winter. The snow only gave way to rainy raw days and our skin could use a little TLC……a rebirth much like spring. I know that many of you have treatment plans in place to address your skincare goals, but what about everyone else? What about my friends that aren’t so much about grand gestures when it comes to skin treatments…..or forget about grand gestures…..what about you hesitant guys and gals that don’t do any? I have a solution for you! Get a facial!

I know what a lot of you are thinking…..facials don’t do anything. Wrong amigos! Here’s the thing, facials sometimes get a bad rap. Sure, you can go for a facial that ends up as what I call a “fluff and buff”. By that I mean that the massage felt great but nothing really “happened”. That type of facial, while relaxing, isn’t necessarily getting real work done. What I’m suggesting is a custom facial. A facial that is designed, as your skin is being looked at, to address your skin’s specific needs on that day. A working facial. Need to brighten up? Feeling dry? Pores clogged? Oily? Something else? We can work on it! Will one facial fix every skin concern you may have? Sadly, no. It will however act as a jumpstart, a reawakening, just like spring. You will see a difference and feel a difference. Want more result? Let’s talk about it. Just want to feel like spring has sprung when you look in the mirror? Book your custom facial today!

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