What’s the deal with Microneedling?

It seems that suddenly everyone is buzzing about microneedling. Magazines are writing about it, E is reporting on it, and all of Hollywood seems to be doing it. So what the heck is it? Microneedling, which you may also hear called CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy), is a method of skin rejuvenation that triggers the skin […]

Endings and Beginnings

It’s that time of year…..the end and the beginning. Funny, isn’t it? Each year we celebrate the New Year arriving, while we say goodbye to the year that’s just passed, and then we move on like it’s all simply another day. In many ways the last day of the year and the first day of […]

Unlocking the Makeup Mystery

I run into women day after day who tell me that they don’t wear any makeup. My question for them, which often is followed by a large moment of silence, is always, “Can I ask why you don’t wear any makeup?” Am I rude? Nosey? NO! I ask for a very specific reason. There’s no […]

Routines, gadgets, gizmos, and treatments…….who really needs them anyway?

I hear over and over from people (especially women over 35) the same things. “I don’t have time to use a bunch of products”, or “nothing makes a difference with my skin”, or even better, “I just splash water at my face and it looks great!” So, we’re all friends here, right?!? Good! Any friend […]

Skin Care Wardrobing

Each time I have an initial meeting with someone, I ask certain questions. Among those questions are things like, “how many glasses of water do you drink each day?”, and “do you apply sunscreen daily?” It’s funny, because each time I rattle off my questions there is at LEAST one that makes the person sitting […]

No time? Make yourself a priority!

Ok friends, we need to talk. I’m concerned about you. Over and over I hear you say that you have no time for you. I also hear you saying that you feel and look tired and that your “age is catching up with you”. We need to stop the hamster wheel! The road to feeling […]

Cleansing your face…….are you doing it wrong?

Most people, if asked, would say that they know how to wash their face. It seems pretty basic, right?!? Turn on the water, wash it, dry it, done. Believe it or not there is actually more to it than that. Not necessarily more steps, those we’ve got down, but more details to pay attention to. […]

Why Chemical Peels?

Just hearing someone mention a chemical peel sounds scary to a lot of people. I get it. You’ve heard a horror story on the internet of a crazy peel gone wrong, or maybe you just think, “I don’t have time for down time”, or “why would anyone do that to themselves?” Well I’m here to […]

Northshore’s Night Out – May 2017

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of North Shore participated in the 4th annual North Shore Night Out! Showcasing our Aesthetics side of the practice, featuring our fantastic Aesthetician Liza Goldman. This year included a raffle to win a free consultation with Dr. Anoush Hadaegh, and a prize wheel supplying a wide array of winnings from amazing skin […]

Gourmet Gala 2017

Dr. Anoush Hadaegh and his wife, Joanne Hadaegh, attended the 8th annual Gourmet Gala. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of North Shore donated again this year to the auction, proceeds go to support the North Shore Medical Center & Mass General/North Shore Cancer Center in Danvers, MA.