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North Shore Cancer WALK – June 26th 2016

The North Shore Cancer WALK is an amazing half day event to raise awareness about cancers of all types and money supporting oncology services for North Shore Medical Center and the Mass General/ North Shore Cancer center. This is our third year participating in the North Shore Caner WALK, our second year as sponsors.

Gourmet Gala – May 2016

The Gourmet Gala is a wonderful event that does fundraising for theNorth Shore Cancer WALK. We attended the Gourmet Gala as sponsors of the North Shore Cancer WALK, and donated to their silent auction to raise even more money to this great cause. This event is open to the public so it is a great […]

Northshore’s Night Out – May 2016

Northshore’s Night Out is a fantastic event, full of local vendors of the North Shore area. This was our second year participating. We always have a great time, we love to go out and engage with the community. To introduce and share with them what our practice is about, the services and procedures we offer, […]