Face Lift

As we age, our faces go through many noticeable changes. Environmental factors, stress, and gravity causes our youthful skin to lose volume, especially in our cheeks. The support structure of the skin loosens and unwanted saggy and drooping skin appears. Some of the non-surgical approaches have limitations to the restoration of extensive wrinkles and volume deflated areas. The new techniques in face lifts North Shore MA take a very different approach than before. The goal is to achieve a refreshed natural look, which can now be accomplished by lifting the cheeks and jowls, smoothing out the wrinkles and contouring the neck- all with minimal scarring.

Dr. Hadaegh is a board certified plastic surgeon with the extensive experience in facial rejuvenation. He listens to you, talk to you about your goals and concerns. He discusses the options and formulates a customized plan for you to achieve your natural rejuvenation potential.

Some choose to have other procedures in combination with face lift such as liposuction, brow lift, or an eyelid lift for a more comprehensive make over. Combination procedures can be performed safely, taking a full advantage of the recovery period.

Five star, from Dr. Hadaegh, to his office staff and operating room staff….fantastic! I look better now then I did 10 years ago!