Breast Reduction

Some of the happiest patients in cosmetic surgery are the ones who have had a breast reduction. Many women with large and heavy breasts seek this procedure to relieve neck, back, and shoulder pain. A breast reduction essentially reduces and reshapes the breasts by removing breast fat, tissue, and excessive skin, while returning the nipple to a more desirable location. This procedure improves the overall appearance of your breasts while keeping you feminine and proportionate. Breast Reduction on North Shore is a very popular cosmetic procedure, and many insurance plans cover this surgery when specific criteria are met depending on each individual plan. After your initial consultation with Dr. Hadaegh, our staff checks with your insurance company to see if Breast Reduction Surgery on North Shore is covered for you.

Some women choose to have other procedures in combination with breast reduction such as liposuction on North Shore, or abdominoplasty, for a more comprehensive make over. Combination procedures can be performed safely, taking a full advantage of the recovery period.

Dr. Hadaegh, I want to thank you for the excellent job you did on my reduction. Going into it all and going to a very negative surgeon at first, I couldn’t be happier I was sent to you! When people ask me if I’m happy, I say, ‘this is the best decision, I have ever made in my whole life!” I still can’t believe I was in very minimal pain! But thank you so much, I really can’t thank you enough! I have already recommended you to four people and will continue! Thanks again!”