Summer Essentials

I love summer. In New England it is all too short a season, but I treasure every last moment. Food fresh off the grill, late sunsets, flowers in bloom, that smoky smell in my hair after sitting around our fire pit in the evening, and so much more. I love it all. With summer, however, […]
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No time? Make yourself a priority!

Liza Goldman, Licensed Aesthetician Ok friends, we need to talk. I’m concerned about you. Over and over I hear you say that you have no time for you. I also hear you saying that you feel and look tired and that your “age is catching up with you”. We need to stop the hamster wheel! […]
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Why Chemical Peels?

Liza Goldman, Licensed Aesthetician Just hearing someone mention a chemical peel sounds scary to a lot of people. I get it. You’ve heard a horror story on the internet of a crazy peel gone wrong, or maybe you just think, “I don’t have time for down time”, or “why would anyone do that to themselves?” Well […]
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Unlocking the Makeup Mystery

I run into women day after day who tell me that they don’t wear any makeup. My question for them, which often is followed by a large moment of silence, is always, “Can I ask why you don’t wear any makeup?” Am I rude? Nosey? NO! I ask for a very specific reason. There’s no shame in wearing a […]
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What’s the deal with Microneedling?

Liza Goldman, Licensed AestheticianIt seems that suddenly everyone is buzzing about microneedling. Magazines are writing about it, E is reporting on it, and all of Hollywood seems to be doing it. So what the heck is it? Microneedling, which you may also hear called CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy), is a method of skin rejuvenation that […]
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